Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

I am releived that it is here and that there is no more build up. We had several successful presents: Max has been silent for two days. Last night he opened a Lego set from my mom and spent all evening building the ship. Today he opened three more sets, spent a few hours this morning building one, then switched to playing his new Nintendo DS with Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga, of course, and again we haven't heard from him for about two hours. Santa was unable to get a Guitar Hero for Carter, but he has enough Christmas money (once we return one thing) that he can buy himself a Nintendo DS so we will be heading to Target tomorrow very early to buy that. I actually love going early the day after so it's not going to be a hardship for me! We also got Turbo Yahtzee--very fun. And we've spent the last two evenings playing Tripoley, which Carter has gotten pretty good at and is begging us to play again tonight. That is really the thing Carter wants for Christmas--stuff that we all can play (we did get him two new Wii games, and another remote and two nunchuks so we have a complete set of four for family games).

As for me, I got some money which will be well spent on this (in moss) and this (in whatever color they have in my size at Sportsman). Scott also got some money that he will combine with what he got last Christmas to buy himself a GPS from Cabela's. But, more than anything, we had a good time with family and are truly thankful for the past year we've ahd and hopeful for our upcoming year! Hope it was all great for you as well!

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