Saturday, November 10, 2007


What a good day, no plans, no expectations. It's nice to have one of those. Currently Scott is at a Booster Club auction, Carter and Max are at The Summit for Kid's Night Out and I am home creating my Christmas cards. This is the first night I really got to enjoy my basement on my own.

Max's conference was equally as pleasing. He is doing great in school--she even skipped him a few reading groups. I notice that he enjoys trying to read at home also. I think he'll take after me in this area--hopefully. His teacher really enjoys him and although he hasn't found anyone he wants to have over (friendship-wise) he is liked by his classmates. I think he doesn't like to have kids over because then he has to play what they want to play instead of what he wants to play. He has a bit of selfishness in him--he is only 7 though. He is just not as mature in certain areas as Carter was at that age, but then again, he is a totally different kid.

Hope you all had great Saturdays as well!
Here's a video for you, but it will only be funny if you watch The Office, which I do and love.

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