Thursday, November 15, 2007


I am reading a huge book. This is normally not a problem, but it is a ten day book and it was due Tuesday and I am just a bit over halfway. It is really good, though, so I am not ready to stop and turn it in because I don't think I will get it back for awhile. This is a sequel of sorts to a book called Pillars of the Earth, which I loved.

Carter and I went to Borders to get him a new book and we ended up with The Candy Shop War. It looks good, but I read the first few chapters and think he might have a hard time staying with it. I told him he had to at least do two chapters before giving it up. Then yesterday he came home and told me that in library they have to read two library books every nine weeks so he wants to finish that before getting too into The Candy Shop Wars. He started a Chet Gecko book, which I have never read but I have heard good things about.

Then I am reading them Henry Huggins before bed. I love Beverly Cleary. They are really enjoying this. I am going to do The Best Christmas Pageant Ever after Henry Huggins. I remember when I first read this, hysterical. I know they will love this.

I am sort of excited to be done with my huge book because I have a bunch of smaller ones I want to read. Like the newest Alex Rider book by Anthony Horowitz, and the new Peter book by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson.

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