Friday, November 09, 2007


I had a couple of marathon evenings and then this morning to get my conferences done. It was great, I had 100% or parents show up for the first time ever. Also, I had one child that I want to retain and the parents were really open to it. I am very glad for that--it's always a tough thing to bring up--but he is the youngest in the class and had no preschool experience. It helps that they have an older child who is struggling-- I could point out that we want to avoid that with this one!

Now I get to prep for next week and get ready for a sub on Tuesday (I have meetings because I was asked to be on a committee--I have no idea what it is for but I will find out on Tuesday!). We had Carter's conference last night and Max's today. Carter has responded really well to the added workload and pressures of fourth grade. He has become more responsible and works really hard. All that hard work paid off and he made the honor roll with a 3.8! We were so pleased. He got a B in the language arts area (it was brought down due to spelling--no big shock there), so next quarter he made the goal of bringing that up to an A. I am so proud of him!!

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