Saturday, November 03, 2007


So, we spent all of Saturday in Whitefish watching a 5 on 5 soccer tournament that Carter and some of his friends played in. We had a group of boys and a group of girls playing. Scott was the coach for the boys team and Cory Wilson (who is his assistant coach for the high school team) was the coach for the girls team. The girls had to play with the boys since they were the only girls team of that age group to sign up. We had a lot of fun but the highlight was when our boys played our girls. Man, those girls wanted to beat us so bad. There were three on each team from Peterson and then there was Stephanie Wilson (the one in the red penny) who is Cory's daughter and about the most competitive little girl I know. She wanted to beat Carter so bad, but in the end the boys prevailed. We also won the whole tournament for our age group and they got some nifty trophies. It was a very fun day.
P.S. Scott finally had a team who won a whole tournament!!
Also, the boy on Carter's right is his friend Colton, who plays on their spring team. He is the only one of the group who will be headed to Glacier. I didn't catch this until almost the end of the day and then only because someone pointed it out, his socks are Glacier colors.

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