Saturday, March 11, 2006

This is the view from my deck. BEAUTIFUL day! One of the best in March so far. The kind of day we would normally spend outside, exploring, finding signs of spring. Carter had a soccer game and then we were going to have his birthday party. All the boys were going to make marshmallow shooters and we were going to have a marshmallow war outside and then go to The Shaggy Dog.
This is how we spent the day---Max got sick on Friday after school and spent that evening throwing up and then Carter got sick around 1:30am and has been throwing up ever since. This is when we discovered the Endurance marathon on Discovery Kids (like Survivor but for kids--we LOVE it!). Max showed some signs of life, but man, I am praying that I don't end up sick. I hate throwing up! I am not good at it. Not the way that we planned to spend this weekend!

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