Saturday, November 26, 2005

Today's Entertainment

I just read Loser by Jerry Spinelli. I have to say that juvenile/young adults literature is not only for children and young adults. I think that when you are a grown up, especially with children, and particularily if you work with children, it has so much more meaning to it than when you are in the moment. Hindsight is 20/20. I needed a book to get my mind off Harry Potter. When I read the sixth book this summer I was all caught up and needed to re-read parts of the others again. Then, when I saw the movie, I got all caught up again. I don want to read the fifth again, just not right now. I am getting into Salem Witch trail books and I don't want distractions. Actually, I think I will read The Starter Wife first. I read somewhere that they were making this into a mini-series for USA netwwork and I want to read it first.
I went to Yours, Mine and Ours yesterday. My mom and I took my boys. I liked it, lots of Eye Candy. Dennis Quaid just never seems to look bad and he is so sexy, nice body. I also have sort of fallen in love with Sean Faris, not from Reunion or Life as We Know It, but from this movie. Just a doll. Today is Walk the Line, just my mom and me.
TV tonight will be renting The Weddning Date-my husband is working nights so I can watch whatever, but I need to check and see what premieres on Starz and HBO. Love TV!
Also, need to start my crafts for Christmas. I think tonight I will make a plan as to when I am going to deliver everything, then decide when things need to be finished.

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